Soho Housing Association to welcome artists Diana Taylor, Jost Münster, and Jacob Wolff to 36 Great Pulteney Street

As part of our ‘At Home in Soho and Covent Garden’ campaign, the future-focused legacy of our 50th anniversary celebrations, from the 19th April Soho Housing Association is proud to host work from London-based artists Diana Taylor, Jost Münster, and Jacob Wolff at the iconic 36 Great Pulteney Street, the location of our first housing association home.

The three-part exhibition, ‘At Home in Soho’, will also exhibit material celebrating the past, present, and future of Soho Housing Association as well as the character of our local residential community.

‘At Home in Soho’ exhibition rooms:

Room 1: ‘Borrowed Time’, new paintings and collages by Diana Taylor

Diana Taylor

Artwork by Diana Taylor

Room 2: ‘Stop – Repeat’, new paintings by Jost Münster and Jacob Wolff

Jost Münster

Artwork by Jost Munster

Jacob Wolff

Artwork by Jacob Wolff

Room 3: ‘My Room in Soho 74-24-74’, celebrating the past, present and future of Soho’s residential community

D J Roberts

Blue neon sign reading ‘The echoing footsteps of years’

The exhibition will be running until 31st May.

We look forward to welcoming both artists and guests to 36 Great Pulteney Street in the coming weeks.

Sandringham with its coat on: an ambitious restoration project in the heart of London

As those who have recently travelled down Charing Cross Road may have seen, at Soho Housing Association, we have been undertaking an ambitious development and restoration of our Sandringham Flats property. As part of our ongoing ‘At Home in Soho and Covent Garden’ campaign, we are working to maintain this heritage property at the heart of the city, whilst ensuring the comfort and quality of life for residents of the 125 homes within the building.

As is essential with any major works on a residential property, our priority has been to ensure our residents’ day-to-day experience is considered throughout the project lifecycle. A resident liaison officer has been a crucial part of our engagement strategy, meaning that there was someone onsite to address any questions from residents in the property. 

The project initially intended to replace the single glazed windows on the building. However, upon inspection, it became evident that additional works such as brickwork and concrete repairs were needed to ensure the property’s ongoing durability. 

Although these additional works were unforeseen, they are crucial to the successful delivery of the project, supported by partnership with Durkan, a developer with prior experience on central London restorations and who could draw upon this experience to ensure that the development was carried out efficiently and with the resident’s interests at heart. 

A project like the Sandringham Flats renovation is a significant undertaking for any affordable housing provider but we have navigated the balance between meeting residents’ needs and bringing the property to modern standards while ensuring that the building’s historical facade and legacy were protected. As a result, we continue to deliver safe and quality homes at the heart of London at rents that local people can afford.