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A Seat in Soho

Soho Housing residents feature in immersive exhibition.

A Seat in Soho is a multimedia project celebrating the voices, history and diversity of Soho’s residential community. 

Unknown to many, Soho is home to over two and half thousand residents, many of whom have lived here for decades.

Bringing together a series of portraits of individual residents and their stories, the project reveals new layers of Soho past and present. 

A  Seat in Soho touches on pressing issues of our time, and indulges visitors’ curiosity with a glimpse into another’s life.

Stella Cecil’s is the projects co-creator and her family have lived in Soho since the 50’s. This project was born out of a desire to work with some of Soho’s lesser known, older residents, with a participatory storytelling project that is a love letter to the area.

Sheila Ruskin

Margaret Bloomer

Thien Tran

The portraits and audio portraits were brought together in an immersive exhibition held in Ganton Street in Spring 2022. Designed like a cosy living room, the space created restful experience and an opportunity for a unique listening experience to shine a light on the people living in this unique London neighbourhood.

You can listen to the eight audio portraits featured in the exhibition here

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