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Abandoned vehicles, fly-tipping, or graffiti

Abandoned vehicles

If you have noticed a vehicle that you believe to be abandoned, start by speaking to your neighbours to see if they know who owns it.

If you have made enquiries and no-one knows, note the registration number, and make of the car.

If the vehicle is in one of our car parks, please contact your Housing Officer and send a photo if possible.

If the vehicle is on a public road, please contact the local authority.

If you believe the vehicle is stolen, please contact the Police on 101 who will attend and recover the vehicle if it is stolen.


Fly-tipping is the unlawful dumping of liquid or solid waste on land or in water. This can include dumping bulky items such as old furniture e.g., bed frames, mattresses, and sofas.

If the item is on land owned by the local authority, then it can be reported to them to arrange removal.

To help us remove bulky items from our blocks or estates, please contact your Housing Officer and include a photo. Once we receive your report, we will arrange to have the items removed. Costs for this are covered by the service charge.

Fly tipping on privately owned land will be the responsibility of the private landowner.


Graffiti is an offence of criminal damage and can be reported to the Police, however, please note that they will not remove it.

If the graffiti is on a Soho Housing Association building, please contact your Housing Officer and include a photograph if possible. They will arrange for it to be removed.
If the graffiti is not on our land, please contact the Local Authority.

If the graffiti is personally targeted towards you or your family, please refer to our verbal abuse or harassment section for guidance.

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