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How to report a repair

Three steps to report a repair

If you smell gas

 Call the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on: 0800 111 999

1. Who is responsible?

First, check if you or Soho Housing are responsible for the repair. See who is responsible for which repairs here.

If you are responsible, please take steps to fix the problem. 

2. Is it urgent?

If it is Soho Housing’s responsibility to fix the issue or repair take a moment to think if it is urgent. 

An urgent issue is something like an uncontainable water leak.

3. Report it.

If your issue is urgent, please call your Housing Officer. If you can’t reach your housing officer please call 020 7557 7400.

If you think your issue is not so urgent, then please email your Housing Officer detailing what the problem or repair is.

You have a responsibility to inform us if there is a repair in your property that is our responsibility. This will help us to fix it quickly and prevent long term damage.

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