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From the last 50 years to the next: A visual history of Soho Housing Association, by D J Roberts

Photos & articles on wall in gallery
Image by Andy Keate

Soho Housing Association is pleased to be welcoming guests to one of our first housing association homes at 36 Great Pulteney Street, to celebrate the work of the association over the past 50 years and look forward to the years ahead. 

Visitors to the exhibition will be welcomed to ‘My Home in Soho’, Soho Housing Association’s dedicated room featuring archives from our last 50 years and highlighting the significance of the 2,500-strong residential community residing in Soho. 

Gallery showing art on wall, poster from Soho Housing and art notable
Image by Andy Keate

The exhibition will present the work of D J Roberts, who has researched and curated a timeline of collated images to showcase the history of the Association over the past 50 years, including a selection of memorable images that demonstrate the progression of the Association.  

As part of ‘My Home in Soho’, we are proud to showcase selected works from 2022’s ‘A Seat in Soho’. Curated by Stella Cecil and Tiphaine Tailleux, the immersive exhibition explored issues such as housing, security, and loneliness through light illustration, photographic portraits, and audio portraits. 

Visitors will also see D J Roberts’ neon sign, commissioned to commemorate Soho Housing Association’s 50th anniversary. The sign, a quote from Charles Dickens’ ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, is a description of memories being recalled in a home in Greek Street, Soho which is something our residents, some of whom have been with the Association from the start, say strikes a chord. It acts as reminder of our purpose at Soho Housing –providing affordable housing for local residents in the heart of London.  

Alongside showcasing the work of Soho Housing Association over the past 50 years, we are delighted to be welcoming works by artists Diana Taylor, Jost Münster and Jacob Wolff.

Gallery showing art on table in details
Image by Andy Keate

As we come to the end of our 50th anniversary celebrations and turn to the next 50 years with optimism, the exhibition is a fitting acknowledgement of our achievements over the last half a century. The hard work of the past has paved the way for a bright future for Soho Housing Association and Soho’s residential community. 

From 19th April, ‘At Home in Soho’ is open to the public from 1 pm – 6 pm, Wednesday to Saturday until the 8th June at 36 Great Pulteney Street, W1F 9NS.

Thanks to Andy Keate for the gallery images.

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