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Information and guidance about maintaining your home.

2. When will my kitchen, bathroom, windows, boiler, or front entrance door be replaced?

As part of our planned maintenance work, we carry out a programme of replacements of all the major parts to your home. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, windows, boilers, and front entrance doors. 

Replacements will be carried out when we can no longer repair these things. We aim to always stay in line with the government’s Decent Homes Standard as a minimum.

As a guide, the replacement timeframes within this standard are:

  • Kitchen – 30 years
  • Bathroom – 40 years
  • Gas Boiler – 15 years
  • Front entrance doors – 40 years
  • Electric heating system – 30 years
  • Windows – 30 years

If you think you need your property surveyed you can contact our Building Surveyor, Hassan Howlader, by emailing

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