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Information and guidance about maintaining your home.

1. What do I do if there is a repair needed to my property?

We always want you to live in a well-maintained property and aim to provide an efficient repairs service that delivers this. If there is a repair needed to your property, it is important to confirm whose responsibility it is – please check the responsibilities section.

If the repair is our responsibility, you can report this to your Housing Officer via phone or email. If you do phone them and they are not available, leave a message and they will call you back. If it is an emergency repair (for example an uncontainable leak) it is important that you call your Housing Officer to report this. If they are not available, please ring 0207 557 7400.

If there is a repair in your property that is our responsibility, you have a responsibility to inform us so we can fix it quickly and prevent long term damage.

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